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About Alphadog

“At one point you have to decide if the World is happening to you, or you are happening to the World”


The concept of ALPHADOG was conceived by two martial artists in 2004, who set out on a journey to create a lifestyle company rooted in combat sports. Their aim was to provide both pro gear and streetwear for those with an ultra-competitive attitude and a survivalist philosophy.


Nearly 20 years ago, at the dawn of Mixed Martial Arts breaking out of the underground and the UFC’s explosion into the mainstream, ALPHADOG was one of the new companies that sprouted from that early MMA scene. The company supplied the official gloves for MMA leagues such as 'The Gladiator Challenge' and The North American Allied Fight Series (NAAFS). They produced rash guards, shorts, and Gis for the professionals while providing the fans with high-quality, custom-cut, premium streetwear that was themed around MMA. ALPHADOG's aim was always to be a brand far beyond its contemporaries, which were primarily "Blood splattered skull and crossbones" T-Shirt companies at the time.


The founders of ALPHADOG understood that the Mixed Martial Arts scene needed to educate the rest of the World about the athleticism, sophistication, and technical prowess required in MMA to distance it from the stigma of being a primitive blood sport. As a result, the company policy was to exclude all that imagery and aim for a clean, bold fusion between sporting and luxury goods.


Their vision that MMA would one day become a widely accepted, legitimate international sport has now been realized. Today, the UFC is a multibillion-dollar promotion that holds regular PPV events. While most of those early clothing companies are long gone, ALPHADOG and their sharp design have stood the test of time.


During the last 19 years, ALPHADOG has been working with boxing superstars, UFC fighters, Jiu-Jitsu Champions, and many celebrities. [See Archives] 




Cliff Frese who started both Wing Chun Kung Fu and flying planes while he was a teenager and Zoltan Bathory the founding guitar player of the Multi-Platinum Arena Band "Five Finger Death Punch" who is also an actively competing Judo & Jiu-Jitsu black belt .


A Jet Pilot and a Rockstar whose mutual love for martial arts and all things fast was the spark that brought ALPHADOG into existence in 2004.  A year later, supercars were zooming across America wrapped in ALPHADOG Logos as part of the infamous Bullrun - The Cross Country "Cannonball" Rally.  Jiu-Jitsu and MMA fighters were sporting the gear made of Teflon coated, blood and water-resistant, ultra-strong materials, and celebrities were spotted wearing ALPHADOG gear all over the world.






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