If you find yourself in a fair fight ... you did not prepare enough

Alphadog isn't just a Brand - It's a lifestyle with a competitive attitude and a survivalist philosophy...

Since 2005, Alphadog Athletics has been deeply rooted in Combat Sports and MMA, supplying the official gloves for televised (PPV) national MMA leagues such as 'The Gladiator Challenge', The North American Allied Fight Series (NAAFS), as well as supplying the fans of the sport with MMA-themed, custom cut, premium street wear.

All the while, Alphadog was also working with top athletes - from boxing superstar, Manny Pacquiao, to Mixed Martial Arts champion, Jake Shields, as well as many other celebrities of competitive sports. 



Two martial artists - by profession - a Jet Pilot and a Rock Musician - they dreamed up the company in 2005. A year later, 200mph+ race cars were zooming across America wrapped in ALPHADOG Logos - as part of the infamous Bullrun - The Cross Country "Cannonball" Rally. Jiu-Jitsu and MMA fighters were sporting the gear made of Teflon coated, blood and water-resistant, ultra-strong materials, and celebrities were spotted wearing ALPHADOG all over the world.

There is a 'circle of life' that people seem to forget. To become the "ALPHADOG" is not a thrust for power, it's a genetic preposition built in all of us - written by nature itself... The hardwired rules of a predatory Universe is that Only The Strong Survive. I read a line somewhere in a boxing gym: "You become a champion by fighting one more round." - still to this day, this is the motto I live by, says co-founder,- Zoltan Bathory - guitarist and founder of the multi million records selling rock band - "Five Finger Death Punch"

I've been flying jets for around 20 years, where even a small mistake can cost many many lives. Attention to detail, precision, discipline and focus are the essence of flying these multi-million dollar monsters. However, from 'above' you also get used to seeing the big picture. I brought all these skills with me and fully applied them to this company - says Cliff Frese- the other half of the ALPHADOG Team.

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